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Vis-a-Vis Wellness has provided classical homeopathic consulting since 2004, with the goal of using homeopathy to help your body’s  natural healing process, and to help you feel better overall so you can enjoy  your  life and be all you want to be.





Homeopathic remedies provide the energetic “spark” to start the healing process, but you still need adequate nutrition, hydration, and rest to maintain health.  For nutrition, I recommend whole-food supplementation with Juice Plus to all my clients.  For details,  click HERE.

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Homeopathic remedies are available over-the-counter but there are thousands of remedies to choose from and it’s easy for people to get confused and frustrated.  I help people find the best remedies and in their use.

Today, Vis-a-Vis Wellness continues to be available to hundreds of clients in South Florida. To make an appointment, simply call or email


I have been involved in the study and practice of homeopathy since 1995. I began as a custodial grandmother, treating my granddaughter as I attended the Gold Coast Homeopathy Study Group and continued helping family members and friends. Later I coordinated the study group until 2008. While professionally employed as a telecommunications software engineer, I studied with Jeremy Sherr (Dynamis School of Homeopathy) for 3 years and with Amy Rothenberg (New England School of Homeopathy - Level I). I believe I bring my logical thinking skills from software engineering to the practice of homeopathy, to help me help my clients find the best homeopathic remedy.


  • Certificate in Homeoprophylaxis (C.HP) from Kate Birch, RSHom(NA), CCH, CMT (2012)
  • Certificate in Classical Homeopathy - Quantum-Veritas International University Systems, International College of Homeopathy (2007)
  • Quantum-Veritas International University Systems, "Management of a Homeopathy Case" seminar by Dr. Edwin Floyd (2004)
  • Lotus Medical Centre, "Homeopathic Mineral Remedies" seminar by Robin Murphy, ND (2004)
  • Dynamis School of Homeopathy, Certificate of Completion (2001)
  • New England School of Homeopathy, Certificate of Completion (1996) 


  • Computer IS Masters Program -University College, Denver University, Denver, CO
  • B.A. (Education) - Metropolitan St College, Denver, CO (Summa Cum Laude - GPA: 3.95)
  • University of Kansas Honors Program
  • US Mensa: Member of organization for people with IQ�s in the top 2% 

In 2011, I became a supervisor for the Homeoprophylaxis Study. Homeoprophylaxis is the use of a homeopathic remedy for the purpose of preventing disease. This program intends to provide an alternative for those who are concerned about conventional vaccinations and is designed to provide data about its efficacy and benefits.

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